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How to earn money as a model on our site:

This article will show you how to make money by being a webcam model on our site. It contains tips and clues for all levels, from beginner models to the most experienced. You will find the necessary basic information, as well as an answer to the worries or fears you have. This article will direct you to earn money very soon. If you have ever considered pursuing a career as a webcam model or if you are looking for a way to work from home and make money in your free time, then this article is for you. Follow these steps to start.


Investigate the company you hire. The agency takes a percentage of the money, but supports the model in various ways, such as promoting it on the web, providing technical support, training it and sending notices for copyright infringement in the event that material is leaked on the Internet. • Some studies even finance the team of models that work from home. The models that work in the studio benefit from a high-end equipment, such as studio lighting and high-definition webcams, which can cost more than $ 1000 if the model purchases them by itself.


Carefully analyze the amount that the study is willing to pay. You will find several studios that pay 20% of the total profits. It may seem little, but the industry standard is 25% to 30%. Most of the income remains with the study to cover the cost of advertising and transactions with credit cards.


Check the method and the payment schedule of the studies. Nine out of ten studies send checks every two weeks. Others pay weekly or daily through PayPal. Some agencies pay daily, but not many.


Present the forms that guarantee that you are legally fit to work. This information is very important when working as a webcam model. In general, documents are requested in .jpeg format. Some of the required documents include a photo identification, a signed modeling contract and a transfer of image rights form. The study almost always provides these forms.


Ask the studio for advice and help if you do not know what to do. A good study will give you everything you need to succeed and will offer you a personal representative that will help you achieve success.



Create an account. • Choose an easy-to-remember username. A name like "DulzuraXXXBesos69" is harder to remember than "ElSexy". Selecting a simple name to remember increases the chances of having recurring visitors who can become regular customers. One of the keys to becoming a well-paid model is to have regular clients.
• When deciding on a username, be sure to choose one that is also available on Twitter and other social networks where you want to promote yourself. Having the same username will make it easier to promote yourself and attract new customers to the webpage where you work.

Create a webcam profile. • Upload your photos of high quality. They should be colorful, attractive and in different locations. A picture is worth a thousand words, so use a provocative image. • Have a MINIMUM of 7 separate photos in three albums. It is noticeable that the more high-quality photos you have, the more visitors and more money you receive.

• Choose the most attractive photo as a profile photo, as it is the photo that will be displayed when you are online. When members browse through the model gallery, the photo should encourage them to enter your room.
• Fill out the description completely. Introduce yourself to the detail (without personal information!) And indicate what you are willing to do for a webcam in a private chat room. Be sure to mention your hobbies and fetishes so that members in search of similar interests find you.
• At the top of the chat box. It is a good idea to use the available space as an advertising tool, indicating what you are willing to do and by how many coins. When you log in you can see what other models have put to give you an idea of ​​what to write.


Get ready for the show: • Use a high quality webcam. A 1-megapixel webcam may work, but the higher the video quality, the more money you'll earn. Most of the pages list models with high quality cameras, which receive more traffic in their rooms. A standard high quality web camera accepted on many pages and used by many models is the Logitech 720p Webcam Pro 900. Another option is the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910, which has a very high quality and HD capture. The demand for models with HD video is increasing and this camera complies.
•Let the light be made! Make sure you have good lighting to be visible in front of the camera. Have at least two sources of light, but three or four can prevent shadows from forming on your face. Just make sure you are not as bright as a Christmas tree. It is also not advisable to exaggerate with lighting.
• Clean your work area. Make sure the area around and behind you is clean and tidy. You can decorate it a bit to make it attractive and create a good atmosphere, but keep in mind that the attention should be on you and not on the objects around you.
• Make sure that all toys and items you are going to use in front of the camera are nearby. Do not make people wait while you look for something. In addition, if toys and items are within reach, you can show them to viewers to encourage them to move to a private chat room.
• Wear seductive clothes that highlight your attributes. Also, make sure you have some additional attire nearby. Some people like role-playing, so it's likely that they'll take you to a private chat room if you have extra attire that meets what they're looking for.
• Plan ahead! When it comes to props, toys and clothes, you should plan what you would like to use and what you think will be requested to have it ready. You can also prepare games or contests to do with the members of the room (if you are on a website that allows you to write).
• Get ready! Before presenting yourself before a camera, take a shower and get settled. Fix your hair and put on the makeup you want. Remember that you are the product and that the better you look, the more money you will earn.
• Breathe deeply and relax. Everything will be fine. If you are nervous 0 a will be noticed by the camera.


Showtime: • Breathe deeply several times and relax. It should be noted that although in the previous step much emphasis was placed on appearance, it is not necessary to look like a supermodel. Personality is the most important part of being a webcam model. People seek to know you. Do not be afraid to be yourself.
•Have fun! Do not give a show with the sole purpose of making money. Rest assured that the money will come, but a model that uses the camera solely to earn money is not half as fun as one who enjoys working. People will pay for your time if you find it fun and entertaining. Let your wild and funny side come out.
• Use the audio. People prefer to hear you talk than to read you. You can also say much more with the voice, using many intonations and inflections that are not available on the keyboard. People will be able to hear your giggles, your whispers and your moans. It is part of the package that pays.
• Be friendly and always friendly! If someone acts in a disturbing way in the chat room, ask them to stop with cordiality. If you do not, do not fight, simply eject or block that person. Discussing will only divert your attention from those who pay for it.
• Consider and talk to everyone. Pay members should receive the majority of your attention, but keep in mind that visitors can become paid members as well. Do not ignore anyone.
• Learn the nicknames or real names of people who visit your room regularly. If someone feels that they know you very well, they are likely to visit you constantly and initiate a private chat. Also be sure to be hospitable to the new people, as they could take you to a private room and become new regular customers. The more regular customers you have, the more time you spend in private chat rooms earning money.
• If someone asks if you are single, tell them yes, even if it is not true. This gives you the fantasy of having a relationship with you someday. It is clear that it will never happen, but the fantasy could make that person become a regular customer.
• Beware of those who pray! You will run into people who will beg you to do something in the free chat. In general, the request consists of showing a part of the body or performing an action. Sometimes they will even promise to take you to a private room, but usually they will not. It is good to respond to all members, because as you gain experience you realize what are the orders that you must grant and which ones you should ignore until someone pays.
• Do not be afraid to use toys and other items that you have on hand! Do not forget to inform people in your chat room of what you have. This way you will have more private chats.
• Give yourself time to get up from time to time. Dance a little to stimulate blood flow and keep you in mind. If you're just sitting and you're bored, it'll be much weirder for someone to pay for a private chat.


Promote yourself • Most of these websites tell members which models are new. You will receive visits from people who want to see the new model. At this stage, you must do your best to turn the curious into regular customers. Follow the steps that were mentioned before to achieve it.
• Set a schedule! Before you even give the first show, decide the schedule before camera that you will have. It will be easier for the interested parties to find you later, because they will know when it will be the next time you connect. It is one of the key aspects to become a well-paid model. If your regular customers know what time you are online, they are likely to be online, so you will spend more time in private chats instead of free chat.
• Use Twitter. When you just start, look for Twitter accounts of popular models. Then, he begins to follow his male followers. Do not exceed 40 every 8 hours. While Twitter allows you to follow a thousand people a day, do not rush. Some of them will follow you as well, so you will have a good number of potential clients with whom to promote yourself in a matter of days. For example, send a tweet every time you connect! Send status updates, photos, advertising or discounts. Just be careful not to tweet too much.
• Make sure you have an attractive photo of you on Twitter to increase the flow of visitors to the web cameras. You must tweet regularly. It is not necessary to be connected all day, but with 3 or 4 tweets a day you make sure to be present in the news of your followers. • Show your personality in your tweets. You will have to tweet to announce that you are online, but if it is the only thing you do, people will feel that you are only looking to publicize yourself. Send photos of yourself, tell what you do, etc.

• Use your profile to promote yourself. You can do it on Twitter or other social networks. Add a link to your web page in the profile. In this way, when you add people and enter to see who it is, maybe click on the link. Use "bitly" to make small links and to customize their appearance.
• Create a website about you and your webcam service. Just make sure you do not include personal information that allows someone to find you. Also make sure that the domain you use maintains your privacy to prevent others from finding out your information. A well-made website can give you more traffic through Google and other search engines, as well as giving you another space to interact with potential customers and regular customers.
• Make a fanpage on Facebook. Just avoid associating it with your real Facebook account. On the page you can interact with different people to convert them into regular customers. You can also announce that you are online when you do it unexpectedly.
• Make use of all the functions of the webcam page! Some have fan clubs, which give you additional ways to earn money. Others allow you to sell photos and videos. Take advantage of these functions and promote yourself in social networks.

Define how you will receive payments. There are several ways to receive payments, but we will present the three main ones: • Tips from clients who like them.
• Tips from customers for doing something specific in a public chat room.
• When a client asks you to speak in a private chat room. In this mode, a fixed price is charged for each minute that the room remains open. You can change the price later, but it is not advisable to do so until you gain experience.


• Try to work at different times of the day. The Internet is a market that operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. In addition, webcam models are required at all times.
• Always dress to impress. Put on makeup and sexy lingerie.
• Use a microphone. Most customers will want to hear you. Do not put loud or crazy music, customers can be in places not private, we recommend you put a soft sensual music.

• Never use PayPal to receive payments if you are a webcam model, as they will suspend your account and keep the money. PayPal is NOT for adult work.
• Investigate the company you are going to work with before you identify yourself. We present some doubts that you should clarify:
• Be very careful about the information you give to clients. Anything they say about themselves can be false or thought to deceive you.
• Is it a legally constituted company? Where is it?
• This article is for educational purposes. By following the information in this article, you agree to be responsible for your success or failure in any project you undertake based on this information.

Things you will need

• Being a man, woman or transsexual over 18 years of age
• Have a scanned copy of a driver's license, passport or other legal proof of legal age.
• An acceptable computer
• A good Internet connection
• Web camera and microphones of good quality
• A quiet area from which to transmit (not a messy or cluttered room)
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